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The Violinabox roams the world collecting snapshots of local communities and their music. Handed from musician to musician, recordings are shared online. We are spotlighting the diversity of music and its role in our local and interconnected worlds

Making the Violin

In 2022/23, ten violinmakers across the world made a single violin. Each maker used materials grown in their own location to add a part to the violin, before passing it on to the next maker. In all 10 violin makers in 9 countries collaborated to create this unique, international instrument.

Partner Charity

Luthiers Sans Frontiers – USA

We are using our media reach to raise money for LSF-USA who train violin repairers in developing countries. Learn more

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Where in the World is the Violin?

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Desert Strings
Las Vegas, United States
In Las Vegas the Violinabox was hosted by Desert Strings, Violinshop. and went out on the […]
Applebaum Violinshop
Tacoma, United States
Denver Violins
Denver, United States
The broadly talented staff / musicians at Denver Violins recorded some fabulous Tango and […]
The Metzler Violin Shop
Glendale, United States
Hosted by the Metzler Violin Shop, Violinabox was out and about in Los Angeles, soaking u […]
The Violinshop
The Violinshop
Nashville, United States
The Violinshop in Nashville, Tennessee kicked off our "Old String Revival" tour of North […]
Chicago School of Violinmaking
Dan Gillespie
Skokie, United States
Violinabox took a tour of the Chicago School of Violinmaking. There is a video of the to […]
Back to Oberlin
Violinmakers Workshop
Oberlin, United States
In June 2023 the Violinabox returned to The Oberlin Violinmakers Workshop where it was […]
Press coverage, and Henry Miller plays Sibelius
Henry Miller
Santa Rosa, United States
From Mexico the Violinabox came back to Santa Rosa, California.  The local newspaper was […]
Gabriel Pascual with Mariachi Aguila Real
Mexico City, Mexico
In the evenings in Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City, many Mariach, Banda, Cumbia and other b […]
Mario R. Escoto Campos, de Sinfónica Nacional, Mexico City, Plays "Meditación" by Massenet.
Mario R. Escoto Campos, Violinist de Sinfónica Nacional, Mexico City,
Mexico City, Mexico
At the musicians entrance of the Palace de Bellas Artes, Mexico City,  Mario R. Escoto Ca […]
McAnna's Band, of Saltillo, Mexico, play Cooley's Reel
McAnna's Band
Arteaga, Mexico
Noel Quintero, Violin, Miguel Arturo Villarreal, Bouzouki and Violinabox-maker/Drummer,  […]
Manuel Zogbi, Aretega, Mexico
Manuel Zogbi
With the strings on the new violin we asked Manuel Zogbi of Saltillo, Mexico, to try it f […]
Put the Strings on the Violin
Damián Stoppani
Arteaga, Mexico
Damian is a traveling luthier from Argentina.  He has driven his 1960's school bus from A […]
Make the Tuning Pegs and Other Fittings
Joan Carlos Soto
San Jose, Costa Rica
Juan Carlos made the violins pegs, endpin, tailpiece and chinrest form Cocobolo, also kno […]
Apply Varnish
Jonathan Hai
Carmel, Israel
To have the varnish applied the violin travelled East to a Kibbutz in the North East of I […]
Make Varnish. Tan the wood.
Julia Sarano
London, United Kingdom
Julia made the varnish for the violin from pine resin that she collected from Sherwood Fo […]
Carve Neck and Scroll
Gianmaria Stelzer
Zurich, Switzerland
Gianmaria made the neck and scroll for the violin and "set" it in the body His choice of […]
Finish the Violin Body. Add a Label
Valerio Nalin
Milano, Italy
Valerio  finished the front and back of the violin, adding the decorative black and white […]
Violin Top
Theo Marks
Wakefield, Canada
First stop for Theo was a company called Logs End on the Gatineau River which specializes […]
Fingerboard and Purfling
Andrew Carruthers
Santa Rosa, United States
Andrew made  the purfling (the inlaid black and white strips on top and back of the violi […]