About us

An internationally made violin supporting local music around the world

Seven of the ten violinmakers who built the Violinabox. In the kitchen of the International Violinmakers Workshops in Oberlin, Ohio, USA, where the violinabox was conceived

We are 10 violinmakers from 9 countries

In 2022/23, we made a single violin together – but from our own homes. Each maker used materials grown in their own location to add a part to the violin, before passing it on to the next maker. Together we created this unique international instrument. Read more

Promoting local music around the world

Now the Violinabox is passed from musician to musician, collecting diverse music and creating videos of the places it is played.

Supporting Charities

We partner with music related charities, highlighting their work and raising funds to support them. Read more

A summary of building the Violinabox. Hear it played