The Violinabox Project needs many kinds of players

The Violinabox is a self sustaining project run by volunteers. To let Violinabox work its magic there are a number of roles that must be filled. These require a commitment of between just a few minutes to a few weeks.

The fuel for the project is the collecting and sharing of videos showing a broad range of music played in diverse settings.

We need Musicians, either solo or ensemble, to make recordings with the violin

To orchestrate the operation we need violin shops to Host the violin, to reach out to local musicians and to oversee short loans of the violin to musicians.

We expect to gain a lot of attention for the project and will use that attention to raise money for a Partner Charity

There are more details of each of these roles below. If you think that you would like to participate in anyway please contact us.

As a musician you would

  • Collect the violin from the Local Host and return it after a few days
  • Record and post videos of the violin being played your own social media accounts. We will repost your content onto our Facebook page and later will make an entry on the Where in the World? page on this site.  
  • Appear personally in the first video that you post to explain who you are and what they are doing.
  • You can feature your own music but can also feature other friends playing the violin. These recordings would be posted on your own or your friend’s social media.
  • A diversity of genres and styles is encouraged

If you are interested making videos with the Violinabox, email us! :

A Local Host would be someone with a broad connection to their local musical communities. A local violin shop is a natural fit, We hope that the Host would publicize the visit of the Violinabox, drawing attention our project and our Partner Charity, as well as to their own business.

Commitment: 2-4 weeks. Cover the cost of shipping to the next Host


  • Publicize the upcoming visit of the Violinabox
  • Receive the violin, ensure that it is in good playing condition
  • Find a diverse range of music in your area. Loan out the violin for 2-3 day periods to local musicians
  • Report to the Violinabox committee, Get the committee’s direction or approval on transferring the violin to the next Local Host.
  • Pass the violin safely on to the next Local Host


The main expense to the Violinabox Project is shipping and violin maintenance. We rely on the Local Host to cover this. In return we will:

  • Feature the Host on our social media for the duration of the stay
  • Promote any event that you have involving the Violinabox
  • List your logo and a link to your business on our website


Are you a charity that supports community music? This is an unparalleled opportunity: For 1 year we will promote your work and will direct all of our fundraising efforts directly to your charity.

Commitment: 1 year

To qualify you must:

  • Be a music related cause, likely to benefit from the attention we will bring.
  • Have an active Web and Social Media presence
  • Have the ability to receive funds online


  • Use the occasion of the Violinabox partnership to promote your cause while also mentioning ours. As appropriate, mention our partnership on your website, social media , newsletters, press coverage etc.
  • Create a short video describing your work and mentioning Violinabox


  • Introduce your charity to us via email

Any organization, business or individual supporting the Violinabox Project with services, time, materials or in-kind donations will be appreciatively featured on our website with their logo and a link.

Financial donations should go directly to our Partner Charities. Please visit their sites to support these wonderful organizations and their work.