Carve Neck and Scroll

Gianmaria made the neck and scroll for the violin and “set” it in the body His choice of wood : ☠️ Taxus Baccata, European yew: that was the solution. A deadly poisonus species, with its strong and springy wood heavily used throughout the whole European history of wars in the making of bows and longbows. It is called “the Tree of Death” for some remarkable reasons.
🌈 Switzerland is home to a huge quantity of yew trees, and thanks to its proverbial neutrality many secular specimens have been saved from being knocked down by the weapon industry. And the Uetliberg, Zurich’s mountain, has an immense forest of yew!
⛰️A call to the city forestry department, a walk in their woodshed and there I was with plenty of slow growth, “Swiss hard softwood”.

Zurich, Zurich , Switzerland