Violin Top

First stop for Theo was a company called Logs End on the Gatineau River which specializes in milling “Sinker” logs from the early 19th century. Most of the wood was destined for the shipbuilding industry in England during the Napoleonic wars but was lost in the river where it was submerged for 200 years. Theo picked out some White Pine. When he started to work it it proved to be too dense to make a good violin top.

The next stop was an abandoned boat building shed which the new owner is tearing sown and mining for usable timbers. Theo found a number of very straight-grained, very light Cedar logs. Cedar is a choice wood for guitar building and has great potential for violin top.

Theo Marks Graduated from the Scuala di Liutheria, Parma, Italy in 2xxx.  His violinmaking Studio is in Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

Wakefield, Quebec , Canada