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LSF-USA Logo. Violinabox is raising money for LSF-USA.
7 of the 10 violin makers who built the Violinabox in 9 different countries. In the kitchen of the Violinmakers Summer Workshop, Oberlin , Ohio, USA. 2003. The Violinabox project was conceived in Oberlin in 2022
Mario R. Escoto Campos, Violinist de Sinfónica Nacional, Plays the Violinabox outside the Palacio de Belles Artes, Mexico City, Video
Gabriel Pascual of Mariachi Aguila Real plays the Violinabox, Garibaldi Square, Mexico City. 2003. Video
Daniel Gillespie, violinmaker and fiddler from Chicago IL, takes the Violinabox for a stroll during the annual Chalk Walk in Oberlin , OH. June 2023 Video

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The Violinabox Project

The Violin-in-a-box roams the world collecting snapshots of local communities and their music. Handed from musician to musician, recordings are shared online. We are spotlighting the diversity of music and its role in our local and interconnected worlds. While doing this we also raise money for the charity Luthiers sans Frontiers-USA

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Website. Who made he violin, where and from what. plus: Where in the World is the Violinabox now?

Funding and Organization

The Violinabox is a self sustaining project funded and organized by participants. Shipping and maintenance services are donated by sponsoring violin shops who also oversee the local loans of the instrument. Musicians record videos and post onto their own social media. Violinabox collects these videos together

Making the Violin

In 2022/23, ten violinmakers across the world made a single violin from non-traditional materials. Each maker used materials grown in their own location to add a part to the violin, before passing it on to the next maker. In all 10 violin makers in 9 countries collaborated to create this unique, international instrument. Read more on this story

Partner Charity

Luthiers Sans Frontiers – USA We are using our media reach to raise money for LSF-USA who train violin repairers in developing countries. More about Luthiers San Frontiers-USA


A Crowd Sourced Violin? Check out the traveling Violinabox October 21, 2003

Santa Rosa luthier makes locally sourced, handcrafted violin hoping for a global impact. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, June 21, 2023

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