The Violinabox Project supports international music-based programs on a rotating basis. For 2023/2024 we are focused on an important international organization:

LSF-USA is a group of luthiers, instrument makers, craftsmen, musicians, and donors. Members raise funds and travel to music schools and ensembles in developing countries.

They teach local students to repair and restore instruments and bows. In this way they provide ongoing practical support to these growing music programs.


Since 2010 LSF-USA members have repeatedly travelled to Equador, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Tinidad and Belize.

They bring with them donated instruments and bows, strings and repair tools and, most importantly, knowledge, which they pass on through their ongoing training programs.


Cash donations and all important in-kind donations of instruments, violin repair tools and materials, all go to the violin repair programs that LSF-USA has established.


The Violinabox Project strongly supports the effective efforts of LSF-USA, and we encourage you to visit their website and make a donation to support this vital cause.